Roda Clean®

Rodacciai internally developed a production cycle ensuring new products that improve the machining hexagonal & square bars.

The know-how inherent in Rodacciai, with the experience handed down to the third generation and matured in more than 60 years of experience, has made it possible to obtain a product with a "cleaner" surface from the drawing oil. The drawing oil can give some difficulties to the customers' lathes in the crimping and and placing phase of the bars.

For this reason, from dedicated studies, RodaClean has been designed, which guarantees in the main dimensional range to have bars with a cleaner surface.

Steel Family - Profiles - Size Range

Exagonal - Square Free Cutting Steel
Exagons Cold-Drawn 14 - 46
Squares Cold-Drawn 14 - 32
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Main features

With a cleaner surface the customer will have a double advantage:

  • Reduction of the drawing oil during the process, therefore less mixing between lubricating oil and drawing oil.

  • Better grip of the bars by the machinery.

Reduction of the drawing oil during the process
for a cleaner surface.


  • Better crimp of the bar
  • Better surface appearence
  • Range of products
  • Surface clean
  • Less mixing of lubricating oil

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