Roda ST®

The straightness, measured according to the standards in mm/m improves the loading of the bars on the machining process and guarantees better precision.

Rodacciai is therefore able to provide straightness that goes beyond the standard according to the needs of the customers, managing to decline these performances on a wide range of sizes, on the different profiles and families of stainless, alloyed and automatic steels.

Steel Family - Profiles - Size Range

Round - Exagonal - Square Free Cutting Steel Stainless Steel Alloy Steel
Cold-Drawn 8 - 50 (Ø)
8 - 46 (EX, Q)
Smooth Turned 21 - 50
Centerless Ground 8 - 50
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Main features

The customer choice his best performing straightness to maximize the use of his system.

In addition, Rodacciai implemented a dedicated technical team to provide support to find the best customized straightness solution.

Best performing straightness to maximize
the use of his system


  • Customization
  • Product range
  • VS Classe3
  • Vs Standard (1 mm/m)
  • Improve of the loading speed
  • Better precision machining

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