Roda GLR®

A product that extremely express the concept of customization.

RodaGLR is the guarantee of the customer's chamfers according to specification or drawing.
It’s applicable to all the finishing ( cold-drawn, peeled, centerless grounded ) & products range.

RodaGLR it’s adaptable tp every chamfer devoloped by Rodacciai. In this way we are able to guarantee perfect geometry and constant depth of each type of chamfer.

Steel Family - Profiles - Size Range

Round Free Cutting Steel Stainless Steel Alloy Steel
Cold-Drawn 14 - 38
Smooth Turned
Centerless Ground
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Main features

This product guarantees that the material is free of imperfections and rolling deformation, thus supplying a perfectly roundness bar.

The customer has the possibility to use the whole bar, reducing the scrap loss.

The customer has the possibility to use
the whole bar


  • Customization
  • Bar use
  • Free of imperfections
  • Free of rolling deformation
  • Chamfer possibilities

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